Sunday, June 28, 2009

Swimming Lessons

Any of you who know Robby well will understand the significance of this picture.  That is Robby there under the water!

Robby just finished off two weeks of swimming lessons at the local pool.  It is amazing how far he has come in the last couple of years.  He has gone from my little guy who cried if a drop of water got on his face, to a lover of the water.  He isn't a great swimmer yet, but he can swim for at least a few feet.  The important thing to me though is that he is not scared anymore.  He still hates to get his face wet, but he does it anyway, and deals with it well.  He loves being in the water now and it won't be long until he is swimming all over the place.

I love those puffed out cheeks when he holds his breath.

I never thought I would see my son this happy with water dripping down into his eyes.  I am so proud of him.

In contrast to Robby, Zoe is a little fish.  She is fearless when it comes to the water.  She will dunk her whole head in the water, come up choking and gasping for air, and then dive right back in as soon as she stops coughing.  Watching swimming lessons was really hard on her because she wanted to get in the water so bad.  We did go swimming a couple of times last week though, and she had a blast.

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