Monday, June 8, 2009

Disneyland Part 3 or Our Baby is an Angel

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I was a little nervous about taking Zoe to Disneyland.  We took Robby for the first time when he was 19 months old, which was just about perfect.  At 10 months, Zoe is still a little young and I wasn't quite sure how she would do.  She doesn't usually sleep very well away from her crib, which had me really nervous.  When we are at home, she usually takes two, sometimes three, pretty good naps a day, but when we aren't home, getting her to nap is nearly impossible.  All of my fears were completely unfounded though.  I can't imagine that there could be a better baby than Zoe was on this trip.  She did great on the airplane and wonderful at Disneyland.  I think she just loved being outside and watching all the people.  She was a bit of a mama's girl and thought I needed to hold her everytime she saw me, but I didn't mind that too much.  It was actually really fun taking her and I am glad we didn't wait.

This is where Zoe spent most of her Disneyland time.  She seemed to really enjoy sitting in her stroller, sucking on her pacifier, watching all the people go by.  When she would get tired, she would just take a little cat nap either in her stroller or on a ride.  Fifteen minutes later, she would be ready to go again.

Zoe did great on all the rides.  She seemed to really enjoy some of them and the other's she just didn't seem to care about either way.

Her absolute favorite ride was "Small World".  She was facinated by it.  The moment our boat entered the ride, her eyes got huge and she just stared at everything, trying to take it all in.  By the end of the ride, she was clapping, dancing, and singing.  Then when it was over, she would turn around, watching it until she couldn't see it anymore.  We rode this ride quite a few times, since she loved it so much.  She would get excited as soon as she saw the little boats.  A couple of times she even cried when it ended.  It was so fun to ride it, just so we could watch her enjoy it.

I would have loved to get her picture with Mickey, but the lines were way too long, so it will have to wait until next time.  We did manage to get her to see Brair Bear though, outside of Splash Mountain.  She was mostly just interested in his fur.

I had fun playing dress up with her.  Here she is with a cowboy hat from Toy Story.

Cute mini mouse ears.

We were going to buy her ears, but you can see how well that went.  We decided a picture was just fine.

Here she is outside the Toy Story Ride with the cool 3d glasses on.

I am so glad we decided to go to Disneyland now with Zoe.  It was so fun to watch her have a lot of fun and just take it all in.  It will be fun to see how her reactions and her experiences change as she gets a little older.


  1. It looks like you guys had soooooo much fun. Your family is adorable! Zoe is growing up soooo fast!!! Robbie is so big too. How fun!!!

  2. I'm glad for you that Zoe was so good, babies can make or break a trip. It look like all of you had a good time.

  3. What great family memories!!

    She is an absolute doll.
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