Thursday, September 23, 2010

Seven Peaks and the Aquarium

I think I am finally almost done posting about our fun summer. I am going to catch up one day.

We bought Seven Peaks (the local water park) season passes this summer. I was a little unsure about how we would like it. We had season passes when Robby was little and we love them. But now, there are two kids of vastly different ages involved and I wasn't sure if the three of us would be able to work out a system that would be fun for everyone.

I am so glad we decided to get them. We had a blast. We went at least once a week and many weeks we went two or three times. Zoe loves the water and is pretty much fearless, so she loved going down the water slides and playing in the water. Robby was awesome. He had fun going down the slides and doing all the big kid stuff, but he was also really good at hanging out with Zoe and playing with her. They had a really good time just playing together in the shallower water. I also felt that he is old and trustworthy enough that I could let him go down a slide on his own if we were hanging out in the little kid pools too long. Zoe hated it when he would do that. She would ask constantly "where Robby go?" and when he came back she would run to him through the water as fast as she could. It was fun to see them enjoying something together.

At the end of the summer, Kirk and I took the kids and his mom to the aquarium. It was fun. It isn't huge, but it definitely had enough to look at to keep us busy for a good part of the day. The kids got to touch sting rays (Zoe loved it, Robby didn't want to do it, but thought it was cool once he tried.) They looked at lots of fish. Zoe's favorite was the sea horses. She loved them and threw a fit anytime we tried to get her to leave their tank to look at something else. Robby loved the penguins. I think he could have stayed busy watching them for hours. We all had a good time. It was a very good end to the summer.

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