Thursday, September 9, 2010

Jumpin' Jacks

When Gavin and Karena were here visiting in July, Grandma and I decided to take all the kids to Jumpin' Jacks. Gavin and Karena had plans for the day and needed someone to watch the kids, plus the cousins all just needed to spend some time together.

It was a slightly ambitious plan for Grandma and I to take the kids to Jumpin' Jacks. To start off with, Keagan wasn't too sure that he was happy to be away from his mom and dad. He cried for a while, but as soon as we got there and he saw all the fun things to do, he had a great time. Jumpin' Jacks is basically a warehouse like place, filled with giant inflatable slides and bounce houses. The two little kids couldn't get up any of the slides themselves, so I spent most of the day carrying one, or both of them, up the slides and then helping them down. It was exhausting. The older kids just ran around from slide to slide the whole time. They had so much fun and burned so much energy. It was a great day and I am really glad we got to do such a fun thing with them.

I had my point-and-shoot, there wasn't a lot of light, and there was a ton of action, so I didn't get very good pictures.  I also got hardly any pictures of the big boys because they never stopped long enough to let me take one.  You can really tell though that everyone had a good time.


  1. The pictures are awesome! It's good to know that Keagan had a few smiles to give even if mom and dad were MIA.

  2. I was exhausted when I took Dorian to Jumping Jacks too! Way too much work carrying him up all those slides. :)