Tuesday, April 21, 2009

9 Months

Wow, what a difference a month makes.  Zoe has changed so much in the last month.  It is crazy.

Her whole short life, Zoe has been completely immobile.  She didn't learn to roll over until just recently and she never used it as a method of getting around.  She has never been able to scoot or really move around at all.  We had a couple of tough months where she was really frustrated because she wanted to be able to move, but couldn't figure out how to do it.  Then, about 3 weeks ago, within one day, the whole world changed.  In one day, everything clicked.  One day she couldn't move, the next she could scoot, crawl, sit herself up, pull herself to standing, and walk around furniture.  I couldn't believe she learned it all at once.  She is now so mobile and so happy.  She can go anywhere she wants and is really fast.  She gets into everything, but is so fun to interact and play with.  This is an awesome age.

She loves to crawl around now and explore the world.  She will go off on her own and find things to get into.  The second she sees me though, she comes crawling back as fast as she can and pulls herself up to me so I will pick her up.  It is my favorite thing that she does.  I love to see her so independent and so excited to discover the world, but I also love knowing that she wants to come back to me, that she loves me, and feels more comfortable with me than anywhere else.  It makes me very happy.

In the last month, she has also grown two very cute teeth.  She now pretty much refuses to eat baby food, but wants to eat whatever is on our plates.  Her favorite foods right now are meatloaf, graham crackers, and cheerios.

Zoe is just an amazing little girl.  I can't even believe how much my life has changed in the last 9 months.  I can't imagine our family without our little Zoe.  She fits in so well and really makes our family feel so right.  She is the most beautiful girl in the world to me and I will always be grateful for her.

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  1. Oh, she is so beautiful!!! They do grow up too fast!