Thursday, November 20, 2008

She's Growing Up Too Fast

I took Zoe for her 4 month doctor's appointment a couple of days ago.  He said that everything looks good and she is doing well.  She is growing a lot, at her 2 week appointment she weighed 7.91 lbs (31st percentile), at 2 months she weighed 11.27 lbs (57th percentile), and she now weighs 14 lbs (54th percentile).  The biggest change though has come in her height.  About a month or so ago, she started to get chubby.  She had big chubby cheeks and thick thighs, but it only lasted for a couple of weeks.  Then, it almost seemed like she stretched out and wasn't nearly as chubby any more.   Measuring her at the doctors appointment proved that.  At 2 weeks, she was 20 inches (31st percentile), at 2 months 22.75 inches (60th percentile) and now she is 25 inches (76th percentile).  She is definitely a tall girl and seems to just be getting taller.

The doctor also gave us the go ahead to start feeding Zoe solids.  She has always spit up a lot, so he is hoping that starting her on solid foods may help to reduce the spit up.  He also said that the fact that she is always putting something in her mouth shows that she is ready.

So, yesterday morning, Kirk fed Zoe her first taste of solid foods, rice cereal.  It seems that in Zoe's mind, that was the greatest thing that could possibly have happened to her.  She took to it almost immediately.  She spit out the first few bites while she tried to figure out what to do with her tongue, but by the end, she was just downing it.  This morning, she got so excited the moment she saw the bowl and the spoon.  It is hilarious to watch her; she loves it so much.  As soon as she sees the spoon coming, she starts shaking because she is so excited.  She grabs at the spoon and tries to pull it to her mouth as quickly as possible.  We tried to give her a spoon to hold so she wouldn't grab the one we are feeding her with, but she will only hold it until she sees the one with food on it, then she throws it aside and grabs for the good one.  She doesn't spit very much out at all, in fact, the only reason she gets really dirty is because of her grabbing the spoon.  It is so much fun watching her learn something new and enjoying it so much.  Now I can't wait to watch her discover new tastes; next on the list, sweet potatoes.

Here are some pictures from her first experience at eating.

Holding the spoon.  It is so hard to get it in her mouth when she is trying to be in control.

How could anyone resist this face.

Eating makes her so happy!

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  1. Wow! Sounds like she's been waiting for months to eat REAL food, especially when you have to wrestle with her over the spoon.