Monday, November 3, 2008

High School Musical 3

When Robby is a teenager, he is going to hate me for posting this, but maybe he'll forgive me.

Robby is very big fan of High School Musical.  He saw the first one when he was four and loved it.  For a few months, he watched one of the two almost daily and he still goes to sleep at night listening to the soundtracks.

Saturday, Robby was feeling better and we wanted to do something fun.  We had avoided going to the theater to see HSM3 because honestly, the thought of a theater full of excited tween girls, well, rated somewhere after going to the dentist on the fun meter.  But we figured that enough time had passed that it wouldn't be to bad so we gave in.

The theater wasn't very full and the movie was pretty good.  I thought it was much better than the second one and maybe even a little better than the first.  Robby liked it, Kirk thought it was the best movie ever made (ok, I made that one up), and even Zoe enjoyed it.  It was nap-time for her, but she didn't sleep.  She just sat on my lap and stared wide-eyed at the screen.

All in all, we enjoyed it and it was definitely fun, after a few days of sick kid, to just enjoy the time together.

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  1. Ok, our kids LOVE High School Musical too!! Tell Robby not to worry about should see Brayden dancing to's pretty good... We have been wanting to see it, but I hadn't heard much about it yet. I'm glad it's better than the second one... Thanks for sharing..I guess we'll have to go now too!! You guys are awesome!!