Saturday, November 15, 2008

Movie Night - Star Wars Episode 4

Today was another great Saturday in our house.

Our routine was disrupted a little, but it was for good things.  A family that we are good friends with adopted a little girl and they had her sealed to them and blessed today, so we went to the blessing.  It was so great to be a part of that experience with them.  It is wonderful to think that in just a couple of months we will be doing that with Zoe.  I can't wait.

After the blessing, Robby went to a birthday party and had a blast.

Once all that was done, we dove into our usual Saturday routine, linner out, run some errands, and movie night.

Tonight's movie was Star Wars Episode 4.  For a treat, I made Death Star Red Velvet Cake Truffle Balls.  (Yes, I do realize that they look nothing like the Death Star, but I really wanted to try them and I needed some way to tie them in.)

I got the instructions for the cake balls from the Bakerella blog. They were kind of a pain to make, but they were fun.  They were pretty tasty too.

Robby loved them too.  He said that the only problem with them is that they are so small that you want to eat a ton.  I guess they were a hit.

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  1. Well, they must've been good if Robby couldn't get enough of them. Gavin was a little jealous and wanted to try one.

    I'm so excited that you were able to go to a sealing and can't wait for Zoe to be sealed to you guys. Maybe we'll get to be there, but if'll have to blog a lot of pictures.