Monday, April 11, 2011

Return to the Home of the Mouse

Last month, we went to Disneyland again.  We had a lot of fun.  The first day was a little bit busy, but the next two the park was pretty dead.  It was nice to escape the cold of Utah and enjoy some California sun.

As always, we saw a lot of characters.  Zoe is such a social girl that every time she sees a character she wants to go and say hi.  It doesn't matter how many times she sees the same character.  She really loves them. Robby occasionally enjoys seeing them too, although most of the time he just rolls his eyes.

One of Zoe's favorite characters to see is Sully from Monsters Inc.  I would think he would be kind of scary to a 2 year old.  He is so huge.  But she just walks right up to him like his is her best friend in the world.

We had great fun riding on the rides too. Zoe is discovering a love of roller-coasters. She loved the little kid roller-coaster in Toon Town and even asked to go on the Matterhorn a couple of time. She was sad that she couldn't ride on Space Mountain and Big Thunder. I think she will love them when she is big enough. Robby discovered this trip that even the little kid rides can be fun. He enjoyed the less exciting rides, but even more, he enjoyed helping Zoe have fun on the little rides. It was great to see him being such a great big brother.

We had a great trip with great memories.  I love spending time with my family.

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