Thursday, July 22, 2010

Birthday with Uncle Gavin

Kirk's brother, Gavin, and his family were able to come and spend the first couple weeks of July in Utah.  It worked out really well because Gavin and Zoe share a birthday, July 11th, so we were able to all get together and celebrate.  We went to Kirk's parents house and had dinner and cake.

Zoe with Uncle Gavin

While Robby, Elden, and Bennett were inside playing video games, and Kirk and his mom were finishing dinner, Grandpa, Gavin, Karena and I took Zoe and Keagan outside to play.  Grandpa brought out his big soccer ball.  Zoe had a blast playing in the grass, with the big soccer ball, and with Uncle Gavin.

Zoe also had a great time playing with Toby, Grandma and Grandpa's dog.  She loves Toby.  She is always trying to give him hugs and is always so excited to see him.  For the most part, he is really patient with her and they get along pretty well.

I love this picture of them.  They just look so content sitting there together.

When we went in the house, we had a great dinner and then very yummy birthday cake.  Kirk's mom makes a german chocolate cake for Gavin's birthday every year (if he gets to come home for his birthday.)  She makes a very tasty cake.

Zoe wasn't very interested in the cake.  She was much more excited about her new presents.

We had a great time spending the day with family.

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  1. I have some more pictures that I need to send your way. I got some great ones of Zoe, Keagan, and Gavin.