Friday, February 12, 2010

Playing in the Snow

After one of our snowstorms this year, I decided it was time to take Zoe outside to really experience and play in the snow.  It was really cold, so I bundled her up a lot.  She wasn't sure what she thought of the experience.  She hated being all bundled up, the poor kid could hardly even walk, but she thought the snow was ok.  Once Robby showed her that she could eat it, she was a little more impressed.  Now she love the "nows" (as she calls it) and gets excited any time she sees it.

I love the expressions on her face in this pictures.  She kept looking at me like I was crazy for putting her through this.

I can't believe how big Robby is getting.  It seems like it wasn't very long ago that he was getting bundled up for the first time and thinking I was crazy for taking him out in the snow, just like his little sister.   Now, he is enjoying helping her experience such exciting new things.

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