Thursday, February 11, 2010

October In Disneyland

We had a great trip to Disneyland in October.  It was a lot different than our spring trip because Zoe was so much more aware of what was going on.  She is in love with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so she was really excited to go see Mickey.  She would get all excited every time she saw Mickey on someone's shirt or bag.  There are a lot of Mickeys in Disneyland.

We don't usually aren't the kind of people that spend time getting pictures with characters, but we thought it would be fun to let Zoe meet the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse characters.  The first character she saw was Goofy.  She was so excited, when she was far away from him.  As we got closer to him, she become fascinated, but apprehensive.  Then he touched her and she decided it wasn't really fun anymore.

We repeated the same procedure with Minnie and Mickey.  She thought it was the greatest thing in the world to seem them from a distance, but wanted nothing to do with them up close.  Not that I can blame her, they are a little bit scarey.

Every time we go to Disneyland, we have to take pictures in the letters outside of California Adventure.  It is tradition, and a fun way to see how much the kids have grown.

We had so much fun in Disneyland.  When we got our season passes and decided we were going to go quite a few times this year, I wasn't sure if we were making the right decision, or if we would get burned out.  It ended up being a great decision.  We are having so much fun together as a family and building some great memories.

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  1. Every time I see Robby, I feel the same way. I think we all have those moments as parents. You look at them and all of the sudden they seem to have grown up since you last looked at them. All of the sudden they seem taller, more mature, and you don't know if you want it to happen or not.