Friday, August 14, 2009


On Tuesday, we went on an impromptu trip to Lagoon (amusement park) with a few of our friends.  We had a great time and enjoyed hanging out together as a family.

This Lagoon trip was the first time that Robby was tall enough to ride all of the rides.  He is a roller coater fanatic; he loves them.  He was so excited that he could finally ride them all.  I was such a fraidy cat when I was a kid and was petrified of roller coasters.  I am so glad that he isn't like me, in that way, and that he can enjoy them now.  He loved every ride he went on.  Plus, two of his best buddies were there, so that made the day even better.  He had a really good time.

Zoe, as usual, was a little angel.  I can't believe how well she does at places like that.  She is so patient and flexible.  She seems to really enjoy watching the people, being outside, and seeing new things.  She rode a lot of the little kid rides.  She was pretty indifferent about them.  She seemed to enjoy a few of them, but mostly she didn't care either way.

My favorite part of the day was watching Robby take care of Zoe.  He was so good about riding all the little kid rides with her and keeping an eye on her.  Whenever they rode together, he always kept his eye on her, making sure she was okay and that she was having fun.  I think he had fun watching her enjoy herself.  He is such a great big brother.


  1. Looks like fun. Look at those big smiles, the kid's too!!!

  2. I remember going to Lagoon when I was little ~ it was so much fun. Robbie looks like he takes good care of his sister. I love Zoe's hair it is so cute!