Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Baby is 7

On the fourth of March, Robby turned seven years old.  I still haven't quite come to terms with the fact that I am the mother to a seven year old.  He is growing up way to fast, but I am so proud of him, and so lucky to be his mom.

Here are some of Robby's favorite things at 7...

favorite book:  The Cat in the Hat Comes Back

favorite color:  gold

favorite food:  cheese pizza

favorite movie: National Treasure

favorite thing to do: play computer

favorite subject: math

favorite ice cream: cookie dough

favorite TV show: The Amazing Race

I truly feel so blessed to be the mom to such a great kid.  I couldn't ask for a better son.  I love you bud!

I have lots of pictures from Robby's birthday so they will be posted soon.

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