Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hair, Hair, and More Hair

Zoe's hair is getting so much longer and thicker.  It is still really soft and relatively easy to deal with, but it is also getting dryer and a little more unruly.  It gets fuzzy and tangled easily and so it doesn't look good for as long if I just leave it free.  So, I have been doing her hair a lot more lately.

Here are a few hairdo's from the last couple of weeks.

This one was a just a head full of twists.  This was a great hairdo because it stayed in for several days while still looking good.

I think it looks kind of like Medusa hair, but is very cute.

Look at those parts.  They are getting so much straighter.  I still struggle to keep them even, but I am getting better.

This is my very first cornrow.  I was pretty proud of it.  She was not about to hold still long enough to let me do any more, but at least we got one in and I thought it looked pretty good.  I did it right in the middle of her head since her hair is most consistent there, but it did make it look a little funny as the only cornrow on her head.  I put the rest of her hair in puffs and left it in for a couple of days, just because I couldn't bring myself to take it out, but it didn't look the best.  I am guessing it will be a little while before we are able to get a full head of cornrows, but at least now I know I am capable of doing it.

Just for fun, here are a couple of pictures of Zoe's hair when it is left to its own devices.  This is why I spend more time on her hair everyday than I do on my own.  I am not sure one why one side decided to stick up so much more than the other side.  You can really see here how long her hair is getting though.


  1. I like the "Medusa Hair"! It looks cute on her.

  2. I can't believe that she lets you fix her hair! I guess if you start now maybe when she is 18 mo. she will be used to it and let you fix it then.