Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ice Skating

A couple of days ago, our play group went ice skating. The ice skating rink has these cute little walkers that the kids can push around on the ice to help them stay up. All of the kids loved it, except for Zoe. She hated every minute of it. We tried to go out and skate a few times, but we never even made it around the rink. We would only get to the next door and then she would want to get out.

As we were walking back to our shoes to go home, some random lady asked her if she had fun.  Zoe replied "No, it wasn't fun, but my skates look cute." That's my Zoe.

Oh well, you win some and lose some. Maybe ice skating just isn't her thing.


  1. It's okay. Maybe she was never meant to be an ice dancer.
    What a beautiful little lady. She is lucky to have such a sweet family.


  2. I really thought Liam was going to be in the same camp with Zoe there for awhile. I was glad he finally warmed up to it. Bummer Zoe didn't. Cute pictures though!