Friday, January 22, 2010

Gingerbread Houses

Last year, we started the tradition of decorating a Gingerbread House for Christmas.  This year, the tradition continued.  We cheat a little, and buy a prebaked, boxed house, but this year, we at least bought some extra candy so we could decorate it our own way.  Next year, we may even be brave enough to bake our own.  We'll see.

Robby is the official house decorator, although next year he will probably have a helper.  He really looks forward to decorating the house, and does a great job.

Zoe's contribution to the house mainly involved walking around, pulling on our legs, and waiting for any stray candy to fall to the floor, so that she could help clean up by putting it in her mouth.

There it is, our cute finished house, and even cuter house decorators.

At school, the 2nd graders also made gingerbread houses.  They were made out of graham crackers.  (Maybe that is what we will do next year).  It was so fun because the kids got to make all the decisions about how they were made.  I loved to see how creative they were.

Here is Rob's house.

I thought Santa's sleigh, complete with a reindeer and presents, was awesome.  He did a great job.

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